by Girlflesh

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Dedicated to the only consistent soul in my life, 4 legs, 0 arms and the biggest heart. I love you.


released October 3, 2015

All songs performed, mixed and mastered by Roxxi Wallace



all rights reserved


Girlflesh Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Sweet Shea Sore (Stoicism)

We will never watch TV again,
I'll never see the sea,
I'll always have to mean nothing.

My eyes are globes,
They see the world,
But they'll never see the sea.

My eyes are globes,
They see everything.
They see everything but me.
Track Name: Play (Nihilism)
I hate my body,
And I hate my soul.
I hate the young,
And I hate the old.

I'm bored, I'm sad,
I'm gore, I'm dead.

Boys are dumb,
Girls are dumb,
Life is dumb,
Fuck, I'm so dumb.

All I wanna do is play,
You wouldn't understand this anyway.
All I wanna do here is play,
The whole worlds gonna end anyway.
Track Name: Pink Walls (Libertarianism)
I've been dancing in the rain,
Trying hard not to blow my brains out.

My heart is pure like pigs can fly,
Someone else should be the reason why.
I prove free will with self-destruction.

On pink walls: Kittens and gore.
All my men lie on the floor.

And I'll love every boy that asks me to fuck them,
So I can't complain when I'm on my own again.
Track Name: SOMA (Computationalism)
End the world,
I still don't see the point.
My heart beats for nothing at all.

I'm sick of being a corporeal being,
A shapeless bitch.
I'd wish I wasn't like this.
If I could, I'd wish I wasn't like this.

Am I allowed to see?
Am I allowed?

I think therefore I am.
Do I think I am? I am.
If I think I am, am I?

If I think I am, am I nothing at all?
Track Name: K/Y/S (Solipsism)
I can make it go away.
Say it, baby: I can make it go away,
The pain, the crisis,
Just say it, baby.

It all ends with me, all this suffering.
The world is me.
It all dies if I do, and if it won't,
At least you get to live without me.

You could live another day,
You could live a year maybe,
But I can make it go away,
The dread, the yearning,
I can save you from learning..

..Just how bad it gets.
It just won't let up.
Life likes to kick us when we can't get up.
I can make it go away, all this pain inside,
Just do it baby, suicide.