by Girlflesh

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released August 18, 2014

All tracks composed, written and performed by Roxxi Wallace.
Mixing/Mastering on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 done by Roxxi Wallace.
Mixing/Mastering on track 8 done by Tanner Acid of Acid Fairy.
Verse one of track 6 written by James Conlon.

Huge thanks to my super rad friends; Tanner Acid, Phillip Seurattan and Chad Mcdonnell.

Thanks to Jessica Christensen for inspiring me to begin making music, and another thanks to Tanner and Phil for making sure I didn't stop.

Super special thanks to The devil herself (Adeline Loiseau), Violent Vickie, Hanin Elias, Rebecca Chapman, Rachel Rewire, Miss FD and every other badass female artist I've interacted with! It's always YOUR music that keeps me going, and I'll always be grateful for everything!

Shout-out to Zoog Von Rock of Angelspit, for giving me amazing advice and opportunities. You've basically become my Industrial Tune daddy.

And of course, to anyone and everyone who downloads my trashy music, THANK YOU! I wouldn't continue without your ongoing support! This album is yours! <3

Pizza Hut, if you're reading this, I'll take a BBQ Meatlovers on Deep Pan base, thanks.



all rights reserved


Girlflesh Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Bulimia
Entropy is not a virtue,
Another one bites the dust,
An hero.

Gluttony is not a sin,
Hungry demon, Inside.
Binge. Purge.

Eat away at me.

Hidden poison,
Eats away at me.

Blowback, Eat more.
Fly more,
Die more.

Eat away at me.
Track Name: Stockholm Syndrome
Time will heal all,
But I'm not so sure.
Shred the script, all of it.
Remember who you are.

I remember when I smiled,
I remember that you liked it.
I remember when you felt what I felt.

I remember what you saw,
I remember being your whore.
I remember when you broke her.

Won't you stay for a while longer?
Track Name: I Only Think of Death
When you touch me,
I only think of death.

Teeth sink in,
Blood drips.
Your hands on my neck,
Is so romantic.

Hit me,
I can't feel a thing.
Track Name: Spider Blue
All that I am,
All that we face.
Let me be sanctuary,
Let me be your hidden place.

All that I feel,
All that is real.
Let me be dream,
Let me exist.

And if you have doubts,
You won't go without.
I'm in your skin, so tight.
I'm deep within tonight.

All that I give,
For all I take,
Let me be sacred,
Let me break under you.

All that you are,
All that you want.
Let me be the destination,
Let me see your heart break.

And if you have doubts,
You won't go without.
I'm in your skin, tight.
I'm deep within tonight.

And if we go,
The world will never know,
I'm in your head,
Take me to bed,
Kill me.
Track Name: Gore Habit
Whack game,
Pain addict,
Dope graphics,
Gore habit.

Rabid, Little miss spiteful.
An eye full of rifles, sounds delightful.

Mini skirt, face right down.
Implied whore, what a bore.

Slow burn,
Easy fuck,
Can't touch, won't touch.
Murder is my aesthetic.
Pretty little psycho bitch,
With 9mm rounds loaded.

Mini skirt, face right down.
Implied whore, what a bore.

Blackened eyes, Cause' you're so deserving of me.
No restraints, make no sound.

Take my life, it's all yours.
Track Name: Bass-Moi
If you want it, I can take you there.
Track Name: Wrath
All this shit they've got me on,
Lexapro, Valium,
Making me all paranoid,
Wondering, wonder when,
I'll find a place in this place,
I'll find myself in myself.

I can tell you're judging me,
Making me, breaking me down.
Yeah, you might be smart,
But I'd love to blow your brains out,
And your boyfriend.

Apathy's my only friend,
Loneliness, to the end.
Every time I touch myself I think of death.
Someones gotta save me from myself,
And when I go to hell I'll drag them with me.

Entropy is killing me, Fakin' it,
Wearing me down, I'm not making it,
Taking it, no more.
In the end you were all so weak,
One bullet to the head,
Can't judge me now, bitch.

When in doubt,
Blow their brains out.
If they're still complaining,
Keep the bullets raining.

Nobody understood me anyway...
That's why I blew them all away.