by Girlflesh

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The third album from the Sadstep/Witch-hop project; Girlflesh.

It makes very little sense.


released May 17, 2015

All tracks mixed + Mastered by Roxxi Wallace

Track 10 remixed by:

Track 11 remixed by:

Track 12 remixed by:



all rights reserved


Girlflesh Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: The Doom Generation
I've been lying here all day,
I guess it's all just for show.
I still say it's all the same,
But if I'm wrong, let me know.

Life has no point,
Don't disappoint.
The end is near,
And I fear...

I like to stare at the walls,
I see myself in them.
My fathers dead my mums a whore,
I see myself in them.

Life has no point,
Don't disappoint.
The end is near,
And I fear:

My marks not left,
My name a blur.
Best of the best,
Can never return.
Track Name: ¢µ†es† ♀ $µICIDE CLµB
Glitter on my switchblade,
Unsigned artists play.

She's your girl.

I wanna die,
I don't know why.
I will die,
I don't know why.
Track Name: Truth or Dare?
Death in my eyes,
You can't see.
The pain I've been dealt,
Where am I free?

Night crawls across my skin,
Dancing in the midnight air,
Singing to the moons song;
Do you want it? Truth or dare?

Truth or dare?

The love I've been given,
A ruin in disguise.
Track Name: Switchblade Romance
I don't believe the dream I just had. I was in a forest running barefoot. I was hurt and I was being followed by somebody and, well, the more I ran the more I could sense him coming closer.

Dreamed I sensed well-sense.

Are they recording?

I think I'd shoot myself for you.
No-one will come between us anymore.
You can't escape from me.
No-one will come between us before.

I'd shoot myself for you.
Track Name: D▲GON
Excerpt from H.P. Lovecraft's "Dagon".
Track Name: V/H/S
I see you in VHS quality,
Tell me possibilities I'll always believe.

Why am I for?

Do you wanna play?
Do you want to play?
Your life in my hands,
Do you wanna play?

I dream of you in high definition,
It's not a possibility for a girl like me.

Survived once more,
But what for?
Track Name: TR▲IN
Let your dreams fly free,
Railroad tracks are fun,
Lets ride the big train.

Yeah, the wheels go round.
I guess it reminds me of..Something.

Trailer park queen.

I won't resist,
Dismember me again,
I can't feel the pain.

They say the world spins around every day,
But it doesn't revolve around me.


And even the sun wants to leave us all alone now,
Abandoning us just like everybody else fucking does,
In a sense.

Let's ride the big train.