Almost Human

by Girlflesh

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Introducing the second album from Girlflesh; "Almost Human":

A conceptual album telling a story of confusion, isolation and existential dread.


released January 27, 2015

All songs written, produced, mixed and mastered by Roxxi Wallace.



all rights reserved


Girlflesh Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Sad Birthday
You're awake, why?
It's getting late, why?
It's almost midnight.
Sad birthday.

You're kinda hopeful, why?
There's no stars in the sky.
You checked your phone, why?
Sad birthday.

Nihilistic holidays and morphine bliss,
I'd sell your soul to Satan to get rid of this.
You hold onto your dreams of recovery
and keep yourself wondering why.

My heart is beating, why?
Pretending I'm alive.
It's always do or die.
Sad birthday.

My wrists are bleeding, why?
My heart is stopping, why?
My mouth it forms a smile.
Happy birthday.
Track Name: Queen of the Cheeseburgers
Small window clean,
Fast food queen.
End my entropy with fries,
Every time I end my life.

La la la

End my life,
One flick of my wrist.
I suffer like It's consistent.

La la la

Queen of the cheeseburgers,
Fiend of the eat...
Feast on this.

La la la

And you'll suffer for this.
My last wish, just slit your wrist.
End your life.

I hate my life.

La la la
Track Name: Boys
I'm weak, you are strong.
If you're killing them, bring me along.
I just need you to put me in my place,
I need you to put a bruise on my face.

You can love me when I'm dead,
My flesh is weak but my spirit is willing.

I can't wait to feel that if I belong to you, I belong.
Take me.
I can't wait to feel that if you kill me I'm alive,
Take me, break me.

You can love me when I'm dead,
My flesh is weak but my spirit is willing,
My flesh is weak.
Track Name: I'm a Whore for the Fourth Reich
My mother told me nobody would die.
My daddy sold me off to some guy.

I'm a whore for the fourth Reich.

There's nothing left that's mine,
I just wanna die.

I'm a whore for the fourth Reich.

In the end you will never have me, oh no,
In the end a bullet to your head.

I'm a whore for the fourth Reich.
Track Name: The Curse
I feel the tension rising.
No-one is safe but the appetite...
It's way too vague, I know...

I know just how fucked up I am,
Make me feel it on the outside.
It's way too vague, I know, I know...
Can you turn me inside out?

I'm cursed.

I can feel your heart racing.
No-one is safe from my appetite.

It's safe to say I know just how fucked up I am.
Make me feel it on the outside.
I know, I know just how fucked up I am.
Please make me feel it on the outside.

I'm cursed.

La la, la la la
Track Name: ▲
I've been under his skin a lot longer than you.

And when he fucks you just that little bit harder,
It's because I crossed his mind.

Bitch, I'm not sharing,
You can't even make him come like I do.
Bitch, quit staring,
He never wanted you, it's always been me.
Track Name: Pulmonary Carcinoma
I like the smell of your cigarettes.
It reminds me that you did this to yourself.
I like the smell of your perfume.
It hid the alcohol and rotting flesh.

But you, your life, your dreams,
There were none involving me.
And you, you said you'd never be dead.
You're too strong to lettem' take the wheel.

This disease is taking your mind,
I'm at ease that you're fine, You're fine,
But when a hand becomes a phone,
A car-trip, I'm alone.
Denial has no place in this.

I hate the fact that you're still here,
Steering every thought I have.
I hate that you got to say goodbye,
You don't deserve to sever these ties.

And you, your life, your death,
It hasn't really bothered me yet.
But you aren't dead, you're here,
You won't leave my fucking head.